Vacuum Activated Loudvalves (Normally Open)

Vacuum Activated Loudvalves (Normally Open)

$ 149.00

These cutouts open completely automatically, no switch to forget to turn on, no climbing under the car to open your manual cutouts , no electric motors to burning up.  No more compromising between an enjoyable ride and getting the most power out of your setup. 

These valves are normally open, and close under vacuum (when you start the car) and open again at wide open throttle.  

slip fit inlet and outlet makes for easy welding. then just run a vacuum reference line to the valve and your done. 

This listing is for the valve only!

 Notice: Valves may have slight exhaust leak.  the majority of our customers say they don't notice a leak, but it could occur depending on how restrictive your exhaust is

Buyer assumes all responsibility for local laws and regulations.  These are intended for off road use only

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